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    Vancouver Small Business Computer Services


    Small businesses in Vancouver face unique challenges with the day to day management of their computer and networks – business owners are often so focused on creating, managing and growing their business everything else can be an afterthought. We get it - we’re a small business too!


    We don’t need to remind you how important creating a safe and secure environment is for the success of your business. We know most small businesses often don't have the resources or time to track the latest computer news or security threats.  And, not all small business owners are adept at maintaining best technology practices.


    We’ve been supporting dozens of small businesses in Metro Vancouver for over 20 years. We like to keep it simple for our small business customers.


    Most of our small business computer repair customers don’t want a contract, or monthly fixed fee – they just want a trustworthy and knowledgeable technician (always the same person) to be available when they need assistance, advice, installation and necessary maintenance of their computers.


    This is the core of our small business services, we’re flexible and we don’t want to lock you into an unnecessary long-term contract – we’d simply love for you to try our services to see for yourself what a great job we can do for you.


    Here’s some interesting lessons we’ve learned from our 20+ years of experience supporting small business customers in Vancouver:

    Plan for the future :

    Ask yourself, will this hardware or software purchase serve us as we grow? If it’s not scalable and in-line with your business goals then you should reconsider.

    Stop running a business with home equipment:

    There is a big difference in quality and support between IT equipment that is made for home use vs computers made for business – and not as big a price difference as people think. When you weigh the pros and cons it’s always good value to buy business equipment.

    Neglecting hardware in favour of software:

    it’s easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of new Point of Sale or CRM software, but that can end up costing more in the long run when you find out you need to upgrade all your computers in a few months to make the software work properly or take advantage of all the features.

    Don’t skip the training phase:

    Management and employee training is critical when investing in new hardware or software. It’s simple, really, the point of a purchase is generally to increase productivity or sales – if your staff is getting bogged down trying to learn on the fly the whole project is counter-productive.

    The cheapest is not always good value:

    Price is not everything, look for good value when adding new hardware or software and always keep business goals in mind – will this take me to where I want to go? Inexpensive computers and network equipment almost always end up costing more in the long run due to failures and business downtime.

    Lax security:

    Today security is far more critical than in past years – hackers behind virus, spyware and phishing scams are targeting small businesses just as often as they are large corporations. Every business, no matter the size, needs to have a comprehensive security plan in place and keep software and network equipment up to date.