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    Supporting Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations


    Vancouver Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations face unique challenges in maintaining a safe and secure computer network for their staff, donors, membership and clients while working within a limited budget. We’ve been proudly supporting several organizations and societies in the Vancouver area for many years with cost-effective IT solutions and services.


    By using the experience we’ve gained from supporting our business clients, we’ve created several programs for local charities and non-profits combined with a generously reduced rate - we know you work hard for your NFP, Society or Charity – we will work just as hard for you.


    And best of all we’re flexible! We know not every organization needs a complete “IT services package” you may just need a technician to drop in once a month to help setting up a donated computer or check your wireless network or backup. We get IT!

    Here’s just a few of the things we can do for your not for profit organization:

    • Manage and monitor your desktop computers, servers and network.

    • Proactively monitor network devices 24/7 to identify and resolve issues and maximize system availability -including routers, firewalls, switches and network storage.

    • Install, manage and update anti-virus, spam and spyware/malware protection software.

    • Install and manage software updates and patches.

    • Back up servers and workstations to a safe and secure location in Canada.

    • Install and manage firewalls to keep your staff and data safe.

    • Setup and safely configure new computers added to your network.

    • Perform security checks on your existing wired or wireless networks.

    Technology plays a critical role in advancing Vancouver associations and nonprofit organizations but at the same time it’s never been more challenging to maintain computers and network securely. Many organizations rely on a staff member or on-call local hobbyist to do their computer repair. We developed our programs with this is mind – you will get the same certified technicians that support our business clients at a reduced rate, plus we always get the best price for our clients when the time comes for hardware and computer upgrades.


    The result? You will get more done in less time. Your computer network works reliably. You feel that you have control over your computers, not they over you.  And life for you and your staff becomes just a little easier!