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    Secure cloud backup services for Vancouver businesses and organizations

    Keep your backup data in Canada with Frontier IT Care.

    Our Canadian backup service is a well-tested, trusted and proven solution for keeping your important backup data in Canada.


    It meets the data backup needs for everyone from small organizations to large national businesses with high availability and redundancy standards.


    Keep your data in Canada: your data is stored in Canada – guaranteed. We do not outsource data storage to a 3rd party. Our storage facilities are located in Saskatoon, SK, a natural disaster-free zone.


    File and filename encryption for the ultimate privacy: Our cloud backup solution will encrypt files and file names with a 256-bit AES private encryption key, you are the only one with access to your data.

    SSL and AES Encryption:

    Files and file names are encrypted before transfer with AES 256-bit encryption. Your data is always transferred through a secure, encrypted connection.

    Incredibly Fast:

    Loaded with speed optimizing technologies, backups that used to take hours take just minutes.

    Background Protection:

    Our client runs quietly in the background to ensure your data remains safe offsite and up to date.

    Database Backup:

    Our dedicated backup modules let you back up Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Databases.

    Unlimited File Type and Size:

    Backup any file type, protect files of any size including encrypted containers. Protect an unlimited number of files, no limits.

    Keep Unlimited File Versions:

    We can customize backup jobs with retention policy rules to keep historical versions of your files.

    PIPEDA and PHIPA Compliant

    Our software and services help you comply with the with the Canadian (PIPEDA) Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and (PHIPA) the Personal Health Information Protection Act.


    The client software ensures that appropriate security measures including encryption, password restrictions, and data storage are in place so that the protected personal and health information you collect and store remains confidential. The foundation behind the standards we have in place are for the data owner to retain full control of their sensitive data and ensure that only authorized parties can view that data.


    Data is encrypted and compressed before transfer using 256-bit AES encryption and transmitted exclusively through an SSL connection. The encrypting key is only known to the client who creates the backup set and cannot be changed or updated by anyone other than the account holder.


    Other Cloud Services: Data backup is just one type of cloud service, there are many solutions available through cloud services.


    Public cloud services are when a business or organization relies on a third-party (such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google) company to provide various virtual services such as servers, data storage, infrastructure and cloud applications. Services, applications and storage are made available to users over the Internet “as a service” generally on a Pay Per Use model. The economies of scale make type of service this technology highly attractive especially for companies in high-growth cycles as they can increase their requirements without investing heavily in IT infrastructure.


    There are many types of Public Cloud, the most common being Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platforms. Public cloud services are deployed much faster and offer much more scalability and accessibility than on-premises IT infrastructure. Public cloud services may be offered as a pay-as-you-go fees or fixed monthly fees based on business requirements.


    A private cloud service is deployed solely for a single organization as their IT infrastructure including customized cloud storage, cloud infrastructure, virtual workstations and virtual servers.  Private cloud services are best for businesses with dynamic needs, unpredictable IT computing requirements or organizations that require direct control over their cloud services environment.


    Private cloud services require engagement from both IT management and IT departments to fully virtualize the IT infrastructure. Companies can have access to many advanced features such as security, high network availability and multiple fault tolerant solutions that are not possible in a public cloud environment. Building a private cloud involves a significant investment and does not deliver shorter-term ROI like public cloud services.


    A hybrid cloud service combines the benefits of both Private Cloud Services and Public Cloud Services. Hybrid Cloud Services addresses a business need that might run an application primarily using private cloud services but rely on a public cloud to accommodate spikes in usage. Hybrid Cloud Services offers many advantages including more flexibility, more IT technical control of infrastructure and data, better security and compliance options and technical predictability.

    By using hybrid cloud services, businesses and organizations can pick and customize the best-fit cloud services strategy to meet current business demands within a flexible IT services framework that will enable them to manage future change and business goals.

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